Paying and interacting through Star Macs

Some people may suggest that you book through offline, somewhere other than Star Macs. But if you do, you lose the protections of our cancellation and refund policies, Terms of Service, Payments Terms of Service, and other safeguards.

Leaving also makes it harder for us to protect your information and puts you at greater risk of fraud and other security issues, such as phishing.

Pay your Supplier through Star Macs

If you paid via wire or bank transfer it may be a fraudulent reservation. To get help, let us know immediately.

We protect you and the Star Macs Ecosystem

We do our best to keep you safe by reviewing messages on the Star Macs platform. We’ll block potentially dangerous messages that contain words or numbers that might include contact information or references to other sites, including external links.

You can help. If you get a suspicious message, let us know by contact us.

Learn more about our Privacy Policy.