Limitations of background checks

Because our background checks are limited, we can’t guarantee that they’ll identify all past company illegal or criminal convictions by a customer or Supplier. Therefore, you shouldn’t rely on them as a guarantee that the user or the company has no criminal background. Here’s why.

Learn what you can do to help improve your safety when interacting with Suppliers and customers.

Scope of search

We don’t run background checks as a matter of course. If we do, we only do it when we have at least the company name or first and last names plus dates of birth of the Supplier or the customers in certain situations. Because we don’t have this information for everyone, we can’t guarantee that we’ve conducted a check on everyone.

Unknown customers of customers

We also don’t conduct background checks on people or company who work together with the customer who booked a machinery. Only the customer who books will be checked as part of that reservation, if we have the necessary information.

Accuracy of user information

These checks only work when people give us their full, correct legal names and dates of birth, correct company name. Even if they provided all required information, we can’t guarantee it’s accurate or that it even really belongs to them.


While we have a process for periodically reviewing criminal records of active users, we may only conduct a background check once per user and/or company, which means their most recent check may have been months before you’re due to interact with them.